Comprehensive Managed IT Services

We offer many options when it comes to the services we work with. There are literally countless kinds of environments, each with their own unique services, requirements, and way of doing business.

We will audit your environment before starting anything, and partner with you to address any line items or project needs that you have. Then, we can form a plan to manage the whole thing for you for as long as you’ll have us.

Live Production Support Services

Our production support experience runs like a river. We have always worked with our clients’ needs, each time with its own set of challenges.

Some of which ran into the need to be able to broadcast rich media content to other sites or locations, while others wanted our experience to host the role of an “E1”. We cover vast experiences in live, “on-air” productions, crews, staging, lighting, and working with studios, venues, and production companies to ensure a smooth production for our client.

Servers & Storage -> NLE

The latest technologies are where we flourish… and because there are too many to list, it’d be easier to just drop us a line. However, we’ve had great success completing build-outs, completing data and metadata migrations, or even wrapping the management of an existing platform into our of Managed Services plans.

Our engineers have worked with Apple, EditShare, SquareBox, along with other vendors providing core technologies to the world.

Food for thought…

We have always believed that it doesn’t make much sense wasting money on gear and tech that just won’t do the job effectively and within budget. Cost-effective technology solutions are out there, and best of all most of them have a proven track record of success. However, finding them with the least amount of downtime, stress, or other consideration may prove difficult and ineffective. Would it help to have someone to turn to? Someone that’s done this a time or two? You probably just need a guide to help you on your way in deciding what’s best for your task and your team environment, right? There’s no harm in reaching out. Who knows, the conversation could be an educational experience for both sides of the table?

…and who knows, we may be able to silence that weird beeping noise coming from your equipment and/or server room that’s been nagging you for months, if not longer… 🙂

From Film, Video, Post and VFX shops, to Studios and Stages, even Music and live Broadcast events, and then there’s that one-off law office and medical facility… along with a handful of non-profits, we have been able to share our experiences and expertise in more ways than we can count…

We consider our clients an extension of our own small family.
Thank you in advance for giving us the consideration of becoming your trusted partner in the wide-world of technology.

If you’re in a pinch, reach out to us. Most of our clients are in or around the Los Angeles. However, there are many things that can be done through the internet remotely. So, whether you’re local, or further away, contact us to find out what we could do for you!

Our offices are located in Valencia, CA. However, we’ve been known to travel to the following places: All over Los Angeles, Covina, Palos Verdes Peninsula, Long Beach, Huntington Beach, all over the San Fernando & Santa Clarita Valleys. We’ve even helped out folks in Seattle, WA and the Denver, CO area, along with Harrisburg, PA, both Carolinas, Central Florida, and even a few folks in Munich, Germany.

Just remember:
Nothing is off the table, and we’re literally only an email away!