Video Production & Post-Production Services

We have over a decade’s worth of experience when it comes to working with various edit and visual effects houses all over Hollywood.
We have deployed strategic technologies to simplify workflows and collaboration tools between editors and producers, as well as any external review and approval applications, in-house or external. Our team is well-versed in several major Digital and Media Asset Management Systems covering needs from cataloging still photography to full-fledged feature motion pictures.
Our experts can manage file-based workflows from creation to delivery and then archival, maintaining metadata and logs throughout the entire process.

File and Media Servers & Storage Services
  • – Traditional File Servers
  • – Collaboration Servers
    – Network-Attached Storage Servers
    – Storage Area Networks
    – Link-Aggregated Storage and Servers (In-part with Network Services)
    – Proprietary Infiniband and/or Fibre-Channel Storage Systems (EMC or otherwise)
    – High-performance media servers (render/transcode)
    – High-speed encode servers (streaming platforms & applications)
    – CentOS / Ubuntu-based platforms
    –  Xsan

    The latest technologies are where we flourish… there are literally too many to list, as the list is virtually endless. However, we’ve had great success completing server and storage designs and complete system build-outs. We have many completed data and subsequent metadata migration projects under our belt for quite a few edit and VFX facilities.

    Every environment is different, and each situation has to be assessed, measured, and then ultimately drawn out on paper… and there isn’t one ‘umbrella’ solution that will cover them all.
    In fact, that generic mindset has gotten some of our clients into trouble. This could cause significant increases in spending for systems that may be procured incorrectly which end up not meeting needs or did not meet design specifications.

    Side story:
    We had one case where a client was sold an EMC storage system for an edit facility. This system was not designed to be part of a Digital Asset Management System and essentially was forced to run with it for a decade, without any means for tagging, logging, or applying metadata to the footage. Essentially, it was a ½ million-dollar storage platform which behaved much like a USB external hard drive. The amount of digitized footage that was lost over that decade due to it’s idiosyncratic design was unbelievable. That system will finally be shut down in early 2022.

    Final thoughts:
    Our engineers have worked with with many manufacturers that continue to this day to allow us to provide solid performing computing technologies which meet design specs and system build-out requirements to our clients.

Network Infrastructure Services
  • – Network Installation (New & Upgrades)
  • – Switch deployments and configurations (managed)
  • – Router deployments and configurations
  • – VLANs
  • – Wireless Infrastructures
  • – Mobile / Cellular communications
  • – Carrier-grade backbone interconnects
  • – Leased Lines / Dark Fiber
  • – Microwave & Laser network communications

    We also work with several consulting firms that specialize in network security and cyber security practices. We regularly work with the Department of Homeland Security as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation to maintain a strong connection between the nation’s leading experts in cyber security.

    Side Story:
    Our Founder and President, Tom, graduated from college with a Network Engineering degree. He also has been lucky to work with some of the best engineers that money can buy. His experience in education, government, and enterprise network infrastructures gives 6′ Networks, LLC an edge over the competition.
Live Broadcasts & Streaming | On-Set Services

This is one of our favorites as it allows us to help our clients shine to their viewers.
Our Live Broadcast and Streaming services are some of the most technically challenging offerings we have, as there’s no one solution to any live event and all the people involved need to come together and work the puzzle. Since each comes with their own set of challenges that need to be addressed in a skilled and professional manner… we have played many roles for our clients.
For example:
– …a client wanted our skill and experience to carry the role of an “E1”. (Challenge accepted; Mission Successful!)
– …a client needed to deploy a fiber-optic (OM3) cable run between data center and production area so live stream encoders had a place to plug into high-speed, low latency internet-facing network. (Challenge accepted; Mission Successful) We brought in a cabling expert, and skillfully deployed the cabling through plenum and walls making sure all runs met Los Angeles County Fire Safety requirements.
– …a client needed a 3-point lighting setup for a “talking head”. (Challenge accepted; Mission Successful)
– …a client requested an ETC ION lighting console to be set up with a Sensor3 full-rack. (Challenge accepted; Mission Successful) Side note: 6′ Networks, LLC ironically has an engineer that is fully trained by Electronic Theatre Controls – Hollywood.
– …a client requested a full lighting design to be completed for the musical “The Sound of Music” at a local Hollywood playhouse. (Challenge accepted; Mission Successful)

That said, we can cover live, “on-air” productions, crews, staging, lighting, and working with studios, venues, and production companies to ensure a smooth production for our clients.

Our founder and President, Tom, has won 2 Emmy awards for two separate live broadcast streaming production events that were done by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory!

Data Center & Server Rooms
  • Consulting services provided with:
    – Rack Layout Design
  • – Earthquake safety and equipment deployment (Los Angeles, CA)
    – Fire safety (FM200, HCFC-123 (Halotron I), and FE-36 (CleanGuard), and 3M’s NOVEC 1230
  • – Power Conditioning and Cooling systems
  • – Cabling plants

    Note: Installations all done by licensed and insured 3rd parties in accordance with state and local regulations.

  • Along with the consulting services listed above, we also provide cloud-based (outsourced) services which reside in regional data centers all across the country. This may include:

    – Amazon Web Services
    – CrashPlan – Data Backup and Disaster Recovery
    – Data Services – Cloning to remote sites for business continuity in case of a natural disaster or system loss.

Cyber Security
  • – System, Network, and Logging audits
  • – Server and Equipment Access Control (physical) audits
    – File Access Control (password management, smart cards, proximity badges, fobs)
  • – Port scan audits
  • – Router and Firewall configurations (new configurations and security reviews of current)
  • – VPNs / Telework configuration audits (Site-to-Site configurations (intra-office or office->remote site))
  • – DMZ audits
  • – Extranet, public internet infrastructure audits.

  • Side story:
    The concept of ‘Cyber Security’ and all its charm, especially in recent times, has definitely become a centerpiece of conversations in many executive meetings, and is really no joke! We can’t stress that it can, and has, literally brought a corporation to its knees when it became a back-burner topic. Here’s a pretty lengthy list of corporations that were breached and had data stolen from them. We were able to pull from various online references:

    Adobe. Date: October 2013. Impact: 153 million user records. … 
  • Adult Friend Finder. Date: October 2016. Impact: 412.2 million accounts. … 
  • Canva. Date: May 2019. … 
  • eBay. Date: May 2014. … 
  • Equifax. Date: July 29, 2017. … 
  • Dubsmash. Date: December 2018. … 
  • Heartland Payment Systems. Date: March 2008. … 
  • LinkedIn. Date: 2012 (and 2016)

    Take a look, LinkedIn had the unfortunate experience of being breached twice, 4 years apart. We cannot imagine the negative financial impact, the losses, and the overall worth and public opinion of those companies as they deal with the post-breach times.

    Cyber Security should always be at the frontline of any network engineering or solutions architecture project from the word ‘go’. It cannot be an afterthought, nor can it be skimped-out on. Implementing it after the fact is also a very bad idea. However, it’s better than nothing!

    Let 6′ Networks, LLC come by your office and do an overall assessment on your network and security practices. We will provide you a report of our findings and will help you start internal discussions on remedies and best practices, as well as any other considerations that may be needed. We hope to never have see your company listed on a list of breaches on the public internet like the ones above. Because of our strong connection to security and its practices, we practice complete transparency with our audits and we educate our clients on basic practices that they can enforce without any support services.
Managed Services – IT Outsourcing
  • – Packages for “Block of Hours” Services (Prepaid Labor; Includes roll-over to next month of unused hours)
    – Packages for our featured “Flat-Rate Monthly” Services (Based on client needs; fees vary with scope)
  • – Offset or Augment client staff (8-hr days with per-week rates)
  • – Custom packages and plans to support any need

    We offer many options when it comes to the services we can offer our clients. There are literally countless kinds of environments, each with their own unique services, requirements, and way of doing things operationally.
    We will have to review your environment and gather our before starting anything, and partner with you to address any line items or project needs that you have initially. Also we will work directly with any members of your staff to facilitate communications between 6′ Networks, LLC and your team. Then, we can regroup, form a plan, and come back to the table with ideas and concepts to manage your systems for as long as you’ll have the welcome mat drawn for us out front.

Some additional food for thought…

We have always believed that it doesn’t make much sense to waste money on gear and tech that just won’t do the job effectively! In most cases, it’s just not suited for the job or isn’t built-out properly to begin with, thus the ultimate failures that follow. Cost-effective technology solutions are out there, with some are more obvious and easy than others… and some of them have a pretty huge track record of success. However, finding them with the least amount of downtime, stress, or the time and labor consideration may prove difficult and something most may turn away from. Would it not help to have someone to turn to? At least to be able to send an email to someone and bounce a question off of? Someone that’s done this a time or two?

You probably just need a little help to get you on your way in deciding what’s best for the scope at hand, right? Who knows… maybe the conversation could be an educational experience for both sides of the table and potentially take us both to a new level?

…afterall, there may be hope to be finally able to silence that weird beeping noise coming from your equipment or server rooms that’s been nagging you for weeks or months, if not longer…

We consider our clients an extension of our own small family. Thank you, in advance, for giving us your consideration of potentially us becoming your trusted partner when it comes to the wide-world of technology.

If you’re in a pinch, please reach out to us. Most of our clients are in or around the Los Angeles, CA areas. However, there are many things that can be done through the internet, using remote management and control software.

So, whether you’re local, or far away, contact us to find out how we may be able to help you!

Just remember:
Nothing is off the table, and we’re literally only an email message away!