The very abridged story behind 6′ Networks, LLC:

Founded in 2010, 6′ Networks, LLC has provided managed services in the many facets of technology that encompass the digital media space. From deployments of servers and storage, to the installation of new edit facilities for the latest Hollywood projects, we’ve done it all.

Tom Elerowski, our founder and president, graduated from an Tech School on the East-Coast in 2004 with a degree in Network Engineering with a minor in Software and Web Development. Since then, he’s done many projects to stay true to his education and professional experience since.

So, what’s up with that company name? (We’re glad you asked!)

Originally started by Tom, he partnered along-side his wife, Maria, and his brother Bryan.
The name comes from: 3 people = 6 feet total, thus “6′”.
With Tom being well versed in multiple networking technologies, the suffix “Networks” seemed appropriate.
Six-Foot is used in singular form, instead of Six-Feet (plural). You will definitely see another version of our name floating around, and that would be “6FTNWX”, which came about as Tom’s license plate, and has stuck around.

So, on January 01, 2010, 6′ Networks joined the list of limited liability corporations in the Great State of California.

Tom’s brother referred to us our first client.
Tom’s wife pushed him to “take the risk” originally, and now still stands with Tom to this day, helping with various duties including financials and managing several internal operations.

Yes, Tom is 6’5″ tall, but he said a while back that:
“…we couldn’t call the company 6’5″ Networks, LLC, right? That’d be kinda loaded!”

Along the way he picked up some credentials:

EditShare Certified Associate
Crestron DM Certified Designer – 4K (DMC-D-4K)
Apple Certified Technical Coordinator
Apple Certified Support Professional
Apple Certified Systems Administrator
BlackBerry Systems Administrator
Apple Certified Macintosh Technician
EnCase Certified Digital Forensic Examiner

Over time, Tom was able to gain experience everywhere he went until he was able to form 6′ Networks, LLC. In its original form, 6′ Networks, LLC was producing websites and smaller projects. Even though the company has shifted its core service model focus a few times as it entered new industries over the years, the root of it was always the same… this was to build long-lasting partnerships with clients and grow along-side each client’s successes and ventures. Over the last decade or so, we’ve gotten to do many projects which allowed us to grow.

In his free time, Tom enjoys his family, with wife, Maria, and son, Eddie.
When time allows, he loves playing the piano (pipe organ included), his trumpet, and even his 5-String electric bass.

Bit of Trivia:
Before his time in IT, Tom worked as a theater and stage lighting designer and console operator on various Broadway shows, plays, and events.